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The Pattern Marketplace is now closed.
It has been an incredible journey since I first though of the idea of a pattern management software. The software has been an amazing success, revolutionizing the way digital patterns are organized and sold to the quilting industry. Earlier this year I realized that a single developer could no longer serve the needs of the large customer base. I was approached by a 3rd party company who was interested in acquiring the technology I developed. This company is an industry leader in quilting and it is now the owner of the entire project. The plans and work that has taken place in 2016 and that will continue into 2017 is now out of my hands, and in theirs. I am excited about where they are taking the technology.

I want to thank all those that supported this software and who have purchased it over the years. I will be releasing a final 'end-of-life' version soon. This will remove the online features (the keywords, online store, and quilting machine registration) from the software. Once this is released, there will be no more releases. I am not abandoning my users whole sale. The final version will function for several years to come as a stand alone pattern organizer. Also, it will remove the lockouts and any communication with our servers. This will allow the iPatternStudio users to continue to take advantage of the many desktop features for as long as present operating systems allow.

Thank you and have fun quilting!
-iPatternStudio Creator - Todd Fletcher